Conference rooms

Use our 2 conference rooms (Altamar and Perla) seating up to 70 - 80 people each one. We are prepared to attend your social and business events, include foodservice (refreshments, breakfast, lunch or dinner menu options) and beverages that the event or meeting require.

Business Center

Usted cuenta con espacio donde puede tener sus reuniones cómodamente con sus clientes o compañeros de trabajo sin ningún costo adicional.


In Colombia, Tumaco is well known for its exquisite food, so we invite you to taste delicious and authentic cuisine from the region. In fact, some of the most typical plates you should try are the fish encocados and the ceviche, highly recommended by the owners.

Fitness Room

Don't Stop Exercising. In our hotel you have access to a gym 16 hours a day at no cost.

Shuttle service Aerovan